Karlovy Vary

Located in the western part of Czech Republic, Karlovy Vary is a famous spa-town in the heart of the fabled West Bohemian spa triangle. Characterised by its thirteen main hot water springs, breath-taking natural beauty and a hot-water river known as Tepla, Karlovy Vary is perhaps the most visited city in the nation after Prague. Karlovy Vary is also known as Carlsbad, after the King of Bohemia Charles IV who is believed to have founded the city. The city is situated in close proximity to the capital (130 kilometres west of Prague) and is often visited by important personnel seeking relief from metabolic or stress-related problems. Today, a number of international celebrities have flocked to the city in order to establish their social standing as international luxury travellers and the pleasant weather on location helps to create a colourful vibrant town and a peaceful ambiance. Of course, given the idyllic nature of the town and service on offer, tourists are the main source of income in this region. However, it is also an important industrial location and famous for producing the iconic Moser glassworks and Thun Karlovy Vary porcelain ware, while the Becherovka herbal liqueur enjoys a huge popularity among tourists an locals alike. Apart from the large number of spa resorts and retreats that you can find scattered around the town, there are a number of activities that can be taken up in Karlovy Valley. A journey to the Diana Tower promises sweeping views of the surrounding landscapes which are worthy of the climb to the top and a stroll through this pleasant spa town is refreshing, emphasized in that you can even sample healing waters from the natural springs (the hottest one is called Vridlo) that have contributed to Karlovy Vary’s popularity. A number of imposing structures find themselves around the old town such as Cisarske lazne and the church of St. Mary Magdalene. Moreover, a cultural experience in Karlovy Vary is not complete without witnessing the famous annual international film festival that is amongst the oldest and most prestigious festivals in Europe. While not the most inexpensive destination in Czech Republic, Karlovy Vary is a firm favourite with tourists and offers a relaxing break from the busy city of Prague. With fine restaurants, quaint cafe's and a peaceful atmosphere encompassing the town, there is good reason for which the celebrities will arrive here, for it certainly lives up to the prestigious reputation.

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