While visiting anywhere new, we can often get caught up in a host of activities which are recommended for tourists and then end up missing the more genuine taste of the authentic local spirit. Thus, if you truly want an unadulterated taste of the Czech way of living, then you need to get away from the snap-happy crowd of Prague and visit the smaller, maybe less visited cities. Brno, the second largest city in Czech Republic, is one such place which presents a perfect opportunity to do just that. Since it is a university town, a vibrant nightlife is a fixed part of the city's fabric and moreover, with specimens of fine neo-classical and Gothic facades, Brno is a fascinating place to explore with many architectural delights. Brno is also the cultural and administrative hub of the South Moravian region, where the city centre is the hub of activities and overflowing with busy bars, cafe's and restaurants. In this sense, you can easily delve into some traditional comfort food and if it interests you, even have a sip of the frothy Czech beer. However, as with many Czech cities, this beautiful city is easily explored on foot or on board the romantic red tram crawling its way throughout the city centre. Brno is a city with a rich and colorful history with many visible specimens strewn across the city, from the Renaissance and Baroque styled “Red Church”, the stunning St Petrov's Cathedral and the peaceful Parnas Fountain. The city was also an important centre for twentieth century’s early experimental architecture. The Vila Tugendhat is also considered a masterpiece and an example of the experimental architecture which took place during the twentieth century with a very functionalist design. Cultured and iconic, Brno is the perfect place to have a laidback Czech adventure, where days can be spent feasting your eyes on beautiful monuments and as night arrives, where one can eat and then dance the night away with a locally produced Czech wine in hand.

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