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Adam (man)

Adéla (of noble descent or lineage)

Adolf (noble wolf)

Adriana (born in Hadria)

Agáta (good)

Alan (little rock or concord)

Albert (noble or bright)

Albína (white or whitish)

Alena (light)

Aleš (defender of men)

Alex (defender or help)

Alexandr (defender of man)

Alexandra (defender of men)

Alexej (defender or help)

Alice (noble cheer, or, noble maiden)

Alois (Well-known fighter)

Alžběta (my God is an oath)

Amálie (beloved)

Ambrož (divine or immortal)

Anastázie (Resurrection)

Anděla (angel, God´s messenger)

Andrea (brave, daring)

Andrej (brave, warrior)

Aneta (grace, compassion; prayers)

Anežka (pure)

Angelika (messenger)

Anna (favor or grace)

Antonie (inestimable)

Antonín (inestimable)

Apolena (like Apollo, girl of lights)

Arnošt (determined, stubborn)

Artur (honorable, dear)

Augustýn (venerable)


Baltazar (save the life of the king)

Barbara (stranger)

Barbora (stranger)

Bartoloměj (son of Talmai, or plough-boy)

Beáta (blessed)

Bedřich (ruler of peace)

Běla (white or pure)

Benedikt (blessed)

Bernard (strong as a bear)

Berta (brilliant, bright)

Blahoslav (blessed)

Blanka (white)

Blažej (one who stutters)

Blažena (person who brings joy)

Bohdan (God´s gift)

Bohdana (God´s gift)

Bohumil (God loving)

Bohumila (beloved of God)

Bohumír (God's peace)

Bohuslav (God´s glory)

Bohuslava (the glory of God)

Boleslav (great glory)

Bonifác (good-worker)

Bořek (commander of soldiers)

Boris (short or wolf)

Bořivoj (great soldier)

Božena (blessed or blissful)

Božislav (God´s glory)

Břetislav (glorious noise)

Brigita (strong)

Bronislav (glorious armor)

Bronislava (fighter for fame)

Bruno (brown or tanned)


Cecílie (blind)

Celestýn (heavenly)

Čeněk (victorious)

Česlav (celebrating honor)

Čestmír (one who honor peace)

Ctibor (an honourable fight)

Ctirad (honorable man)

Cyril (lord of the sun or squire)


Dagmar (morning star or glorious day)

Dagmara (morning star or glorious day)

Dalibor (fighting far away)

Dalimil (still nice)

Dana (God has judged)

Daniel (God is my judge)

Daniela (God is my judge)

Darina (feminine of darius, bearer of good)

Darja (owner of goodness)

David (beloved)

Denis (divine child)

Denisa (devine child)

Diana (divine, radiant, bright)

Dita (happy fight, a Jewess)

Dobromila (loving)

Dobroslav (good glory)

Dominik (lord)

Dominika (lord)

Dorota (God´s gift)

Doubravka (oak grove)

Drahomír (precious peace)

Drahomíra (precious peace)

Drahoslav (precious glory)

Drahoslava (precious glory)

Dušan (soulful, spirit)

Dušana (spirit, soulful)


Edita (happy fight, a Jewess)

Eduard (guardian of happiness)

Elena (torch)

Eliáš (my god is Jehovah)

Eliška (God is my oath)

Ema (carer)

Emanuel (God with us)

Emílie (hardworking, competitive)

Emma (carer, happy)

Erik (honest ruler)

Erika (honest ruler)

Ester (morning star, shiny)

Eva (live, life-giwing)

Evelína (light, life-giwing)

Evžen (Of noble birth)

Evženie (Well born or noble)


Felix (happy)

Ferdinand (brave defender)

Filip (friend of horses)

František (Frenchman)

Františka (Frenchwoman or free)


Gabriel (God is my strength)

Gabriela (God is my strength)

Gizela (missile or precious child)

Gustav (column or protection)


Hana (Jehovah´s gift or grace)

Hanuš (God is merciful)

Havel (Gaul or rooster)

Hedvika (lady of defence or war refuge)

Helena (light or bright)

Heřman (fighter)

Hermína (warrior)

Horymír (One who seeks peace with miners or mountains)

Hubert (Man with clever mind)

Hugo (thinker)

Hynek (Ruler of the house)


Ida (vigorous)

Ignác (fiery)

Igor (God of fertility)

Ilja (God is my lord)

Ilona (the bright one)

Imrich (home ruler)

Ingrid (Beauty of God Ingwia)

Irena (messenger of peace)

Irma (solid or stable)

Iva (God is merciful)

Ivan (God is merciful)

Ivana (God is merciful)

Iveta (Of the yew tree)

Ivo (Of the yew tree)

Ivona (Of the yew tree)

Izabela (God is an oath or beautiful)


Jáchym (God shall establish)

Jakub (holder of the heel or second son)

Jan (Jehovah´s gift or Jehovah´s grace)

Jana (Jehovah´s gift or Jehovah´s grace)

Jarmil (spring favor)

Jarmila (spring favor)

Jaromír (famous for his power)

Jaroslav (spring glory)

Jaroslava (spring glory)

Jeroným (holy name)

Jindřich (home ruler)

Jindřiška (home ruler)

Jiří (farmer or grower)

Jiřina (farmer or grower)

Jitka (Jewish; a Jewess)

Johana (Jehovah´s gift or Jehovah´s grace)

Jolana (light, torch or a good girl)

Jonáš (free as a bird)

Josef (God will give you (a child))

Judita (Jewish; a Jewess)

Julie (Downy or bright)

Julius (bright or divine)

Justýna (beautiful and truly)


Kamil (attendant for a temple)

Kamila (attendant for a temple)

Karel (free man or rustic)

Karin (nice, beautiful or pure)

Karina (nice, beautiful or pure)

Karla (free man or rustic)

Karolína (free man or rustic)

Kašpar (treasurer)

Katarína (pure, clear)

Kateřina (pure, clear)

Kazimír (one who destroys peace)

Kilián (blind)

Klára (bright and clear)

Klaudie (Feeble woman)

Klement (forgiving merciful)

Krištof (Christ-bearer)

Kristýna (follower of Christ)

Kryštof (Christ-bearer)

Květa (blossom, flower)

Květoslav (blossom, flower)

Květoslava (blossom, flower)

Kvido (guide)


Lada (girl, virgin or tidiness)

Ladislav (Famous ruler)

Ladislava (ruler of glory)

Laura (laurel or winner)

Lenka (light, torch)

Leona (lion)

Leopold (fast or bold)

Leoš (lion)

Liběna (love)

Libor (freeborn)

Libuše (love)

Liliana (happy, playful)

Linda (beautiful or viper)

Ljuba (love)

Lubomír (loves peace or, the world)

Lubor (handsome, nice)

Luboš (loves peace or, loves the world)

Lucie (Light of the day)

Luděk (Well-known fighter)

Ludmila (Loved by the people)

Ludvík (famous war)

Lukáš (of Lucania)

Lumír (peaceful)

Lýdie (woman of Lydia)

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Magdaléna (woman from Magdala)

Mahulena (woman from Magdala)

Marcel (warlike)

Marcela (warlike)

Marek (dedicated to the God of war (Mars), warlike)

Margita (pearl)

Marián (bitter)

Mariana (drop of seawater, beautiful or bitter)

Marie (drop of seawater, beautiful or bitter)

Marika (drop of seawater, beautiful or bitter)

Marina (sailor)

Markéta (pearl)

Marta (the lady)

Martin (dedicated to the God of war (Mars), warrior)

Martina (Of Mars the Roman god of war)

Matěj (gift from God)

Matouš (gift of God)

Matyáš (gift from God)

Matylda (mighty warrior)

Maxmilián (biggest or hotheaded)

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Medard (powerful)

Melichar (king of the light)

Metoděj (exploration, research)

Michaela (who is like God?)

Michal (who is like God?)

Mikoláš (victory of the people)

Mikuláš (victory of the people)

Milada (beloved, young)

Milan (kind, beloved)

Milena (nice, beloved )

Miloš (nice, kind)

Miloslav (kind)

Miluše (nice, lovely)

Mirek (celebrating peace)

Miriam (drop of seawater)

Mirka (celebrating peace)

Miroslav (celebrating peace)

Miroslava (celebrating peace)

Mojmír (my peace)

Monika (unique)


Naděžda (hope)

Natálie (Christmas baby)

Nataša (Christmas baby)

Nela (strong or persistent)

Nikola (victory of the people)

Nina (friend, mother or wonderful)

Nora (God is my light)

Norbert (light of the North or aurora)


Oldřich (rich ruler, powerful)

Oldřiška (wealthy heiress)

Oleg (holy, healthy or strong)

Olga (holy, healthy or strong)

Oliver (olive grower or peaceful)

Olivia (olive grower or peaceful)

Ondřej (brave or manly)

Oskar (God's spear)

Ota (wealthy or prosperious)

Otakar (guardian of property/treasure)

Otilie (rich, happy or powerful)

Otmar (famous for his property)

Oto (wealthy or prosperious)

Otokar (treasure watcher)

Otomar (famous for his property)

Otta (wealth and prosperity, happiness)

Otto (wealth and prosperity, happiness)

Otýlie (rich, happy or powerful)


Pankrác (almighty)

Patricie (noble)

Patrik (noble)

Paulína (small or modest)

Pavel (small or modest)

Pavla (little)

Pavlína (smal, tiny or modest)

Petr (stone or solid)

Petra (stone or solid)

Pravoslav (Man celebrating justice)

Přemysl (thinking)

Prokop (pioneer or ready to fight)


Quido (forest man)


Radana (happy)

Radek (happy)

Radim (happy, one who cares about peace)

Radimír (happy, one who cares about peace)

Radka (happy, joyful)

Radmilla (happy, joyful)

Radomil (happy )

Radomír (happy, one who cares about peace)

Radoslav (happy, celebrating joy)

Radovan (happy man)

Regina (queen)

Řehoř (alert)

Renáta (reborn)

René (reborn)

Richard (ruler, leader, king)

Robert (shining glory, brilliant)

Robin (shining glory, brilliant)

Roland (famous hero, famous land)

Roman (Roman, from Rome)

Romana (from Rome)

Rostislav (one who spreads its fame)

Rostislava (one who spreads its fame)

Rudolf (noble wolf)

Rút (girlfriend)

Růžena (rose, queen of flowers)


Sabina (from the Sabine tribe)

Samuel (God´s name)

Sandra (defender of men)

Sára (princess)

Šárka (mountain)

Šarlota (queen)

Saskie (from the Saxon tribe)

Sáva (from the Yemen)

Servác (savior)

Silvestr (man of the woods)

Silvie (woman of the woods)

Šimon (listening, hearing)

Simona (listening)

Slavěna (Slovak)

Slavomír (peaceful)

Soběslav (his own law maker)

Sofie (wisdom)

Soňa (wisdom, golden)

Stanislav (became famous)

Stanislava (became famous)

Štefan (crown)

Stela (star)

Štěpán (crown, winner)

Štěpánka (crown, winner)

Svatava (holy river)

Svatopluk (strong in his army)

Svatoslav (saint)

Světlana (light, bright)

Sylva (woman of the woods)


Tadeáš (gift from God)

Tamara (date palm, spice)

Taťána (power to decide)

Tatiana (power to decide)

Teodor (gift from God)

Tereza (protection or heat)

Terezie (Czech form of Theresa)

Tibor (from the Tibur)

Tomáš (a twin)


Václav (more famous)

Valdemar (great ruler)

Valentýn (healthy or strong)

Valérie (strong, healthy)

Vanda (from the tribe of Vandals)

Vavřinec (victorious)

Věnceslav (more famous)

Vendelín (more famous)

Vendula (more famous)

Věra (faith)

Veronika (winner)

Věroslav (celebrating his faith)

Viktor (winner)

Viktorie (winner, victory)

Vilém (one with strong will)

Vilma (woman with strong will)

Vincenc (winner)

Vincent (winner)

Viola (violet)

Vít (living, joyful)

Vítek (living, joyful)

Vítězslav (celebrating victory)

Vladan (ruler)

Vladěna (woman who rules)

Vladimír (ruler of the world)

Vladislav (glorious ruler)

Vlasta (belonging to her homeland)

Vlastimil (loving his homeland)

Vlastislav (glorious ruler)

Vojtěch (soldier of consolation)

Vratislav (celebrating the return)


Xenie (welcoming)


Yvona (archer)


Žaneta (God is my merciful)

Zbyněk (angry man)

Zbyšek (angry man)

Zdeněk (one from Sidon)

Zdeňka (one from Sidon)

Zdislava (celebrating her work)

Zikmund (victory defender)

Zina (divine)

Zita (young girl or luck)

Zlata (gold)

Žofie (wisdom)

Zoja (life)

Zora (horizon)

Zuzana (lily, lotus)